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We're here to tell your story

From high-end corporate video to creative content production, Graded are here to help. With a wide service package, tailored precisely for your project needs, we'll take ideas from page to screen in one clean swoop.


Whether you have a fully formed concept ready to shoot, or you need fresh eyes on bringing your brand to life, our services are more than just bog standard video - we offer personalised packages that are bespoke for your business. 

Our Services

From multicamera productions and corporate films to scripted advertising and creative content production, we have you covered. Our end to end services packages mean we're with you at every stage, from ideation to post production. 

We're always working with the latest local talent too, from crew to creatives, making sure that your video hits the mark every single time. 

What areas do you cover?

Brand Films      Corporate Video      Livestreaming     Event Coverage      Multicamera Production
Scripted Advertising      Studio Product Video      Photography & Stills      Promotional Video

Doccumentary Style      Music Video Production      Commercial Advertising       Narrative Film

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Our Ethos

Every video we produce is thought about with care and attention. Taking ideas from page to screen and creatively reimagining the boring is what we're here to do. 

Along the way, we work with a talented pool of collaborators and professionals, whilst working with up and coming directors and makers to produce content to be desired.

We're Storytellers

Storytelling and creating a narrative is so important. It doesnt matter whether it's a corporate video in company HQ or an all singing all dancing raincoat commercial, at it's heart should be a great story. 

Stories dont have to be complex, but it's proven that a through line (or a narrative) will hook your audience and keep them watching till the end. 

End to End Production

We're more than videographers. For us, it's bigger than just shooting and editng. It's about providing you a full and thorough end to end service package to get you that video you've been waiting for. 

So what does this mean? It means that we'll work with you right through concept and ideation all the way to post production and delivery. Every step of the way we're consulting and working in conjunction with your own team to ensure the video does everything it needs to do. We'll even put you in touch with our marketing and distribution partners who are the best in their feild at getting these videos seen. 

It's never as simple as just shoot and edit. Here's a typical timeline for a commercial project:

A production timeline for Graded Films process.

Bespoke Pricing

The possibilites are endless when it comes to video production, which means it's never a one size fits all packages. As a result, prices often vary depending on production scale, the complexity of the shoot and also the concept/video requirements. On creative jobs, we'll work with a clients budget, maximising production value whilst keeping costs in line. 

If you'd like to discuss pricing, or get an idea as to how much your next hit will cost, contact us today.

Our Mission

The future is exciting at Graded Films. Our ambitious push for a global reach, servicing clients and brands across the UK and beyond, is always expanding. Feature films and narrative work are also on the cards too.

We're also developing our own production studio at Graded HQ for photo and video shoots, with a flexible co-working space for other creatives, a kit room, an events space,

and of course a coffee shop. 

Why not join us on this journey and let us tell your story?

Let's get making...

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