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Personalised funeral stationary made easy.

Using a hassle free app, A Loving Tribute offers easy to use stationary personalisation and processing. They understand this is a difficult and overwhelming time for all, and thats why ALT is here to take that pressure off your mind. 

A Loving Tribute

Find out more about the process below...

The Breif

We were asked by the team at A Loving Tribute to create a 60s brand video to introduce their brand new Books App. Creating content for the funeral industry is a fine balance and often a challenge in development.

We decided to feature a middle aged lady, greiving the loss of her mum, and overwhelmed by the influx of calls and messages, having to think about organising funeral stationary is the last thing she want's to be doing. But with A Loving Tributes Books App, that process is made easy. 

The Treatment

Here's a little peak at the treatment we pitched. A few ideas and sketches for the kind of video we wanted to produce. When pitching on a project, we'll always assemble a creative lookbook and treatment to show the client what we have in our minds. 

Behind the Scenes

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