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Production Enquiries

Production Enquiries

Production Enquiries

Production Enquiries

Production Enquiries

Two desperate people coming together in difficult stages of their lives. What starts out as a last resort suicide attempt, turns into a blossoming friendship between the two unlikeliest of personalities, and one that we hope will last forever.

Find out more about the story behind the film below...





At 16 years old Freddie Hill (Director) and Tom Carter (Cinematographer & Editor) set to embark on what would be a 2 year journey to bring Unforgettable to the screen. They said, "let's make something. Something special". So they did just that, and after partnering with graduate writer Philip John, the story was formed. 


After 9 months of development, one cold november morning marked the first of three fantastic days on set. 



Now 17 years old, and a year since the idea first began, post production for Unforgettable was now in full swing, with talented Ed Waller at the helm of music composition. To listen to his masterful score click here.



With the film complete, and a sell out premiere to its name, Unforgettable ran the festival circuit, collecting awards along the way, and found its place on Amazon Prime - not bad for two teenagers who said let's make a film!

Behind the scenes

This film was a labour of love, and it marked the begining of the Graded Films journey, from school bus fantasy to cinema screen debut.

Here's a little glimpse behind closed doors as we spotlight the journey Freddie and Tom embarked on to create the film they have today. 

Despite having limited equipment at their desposal, the team pulled through to create something special. 

The Soundtrack

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