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DBSAC x The Oozes

Music Video



Contains strong language and a sensitive subject matter. Some viewers may find this offensive.

This one was quite a different one for us. When Virgin Records came knocking, asking if we might be able to help on The Oozes latest track, we said, why not. 

Set in the surreal and slightly absurd fiction of kids TV, the characters on screen turn demonic as the subject matter gets under their skin. 

The Process

Proposed with a quick turnaround delivery date, we got straight onto to pre production, and managed to find ourselves a perfect fit of a location in North London. Perfectly decorated and fitting for the 70s, we made a few adjustments and away we went.

Throughout the day we jumped between setups throughout the house, starting with the exterior shots and finishing with the intro and outro tv shot. Working with a small crew on this job meant we had to work harder and faster in every setup.

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