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Manufacturing TV

Content Production


We work with Manufacturing TV across a range of projects, from event coverage and interviews to studio production. Throughout their work, MFGTV raise the debate around manufacturing in the UK and spotlight  the voices of all who want to share ideas about how to make the industry more prosperous, prominent and dynamic in the UK.

The Process

We joined MFGTV at the Manufacturing Forum 2022 and interviewed a selection of guests who all provided their expert opinions and advice for manufacturing in the UK.

When we arrived at the location, we were limited on space and where we could film these interviews. We were also closeby to the main event room and so had to pay careful attention to sound and overspill. 

We decided to use the window here to help light our scene, with each of the speakers sat opposite one another on high stools. This was a simple two camera setup, with a wide shot to capture both the host and the guest and then a closeup guest camera. 

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