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Is history repeating itself? Having seen a world of disorder, struggle and destruction, have we actually learnt that what happened yesterday, is no different to what's happening today? So, ask yourself, how much do you ignore, how much do you refuse to accept, refuse to engage with, refuse to acknowledge? Ask yourself, you look, but do you see?

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About the event

In this transformative new installation piece by Graded Films in partnership with Fin Dudman Photography, we may come to greater appreciate our existence, and perhaps learn how we can change our methods for the greater good of the future.  As the team embark on their largest project to date, we'll be taken on a sensory narrative journey, through pictorial content, film, sound and set. ​

Using archive footage, clever sound design, documentary photography and a mammoth set design creation, Have We Been Here Before will give us unseen access to the many troubles our world has faced and is facing currently. Audiences can explore the environment in their own time, and should they feel so brave, look to uncover the network of interlinking narratives that guide us along.


​Open all day 10:00am - 19:00pm

Allow 45 minutes to explore.

Age Guidance 12+ or parental discretion | scenes of war, loud sounds, dark spaces | some viewers may find this distressing.​


Please note, this is not a seated performance. Due to the nature of the location, there is limited disabled access. We apologise for any inconvenience. 

The Creative Team

Freddie Hill, the Producer of the exhibition.
Freddie Hill
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Production Designer, Producer

Fin Dudman
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Jordan Harris the Production Manager
Jordan Harris

Technical Production Manager

Fin Dudman, the photographer

Photography, Outreach

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