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Welcome to Graded Films

you clicked on our window sticker then...

Thanks for taking a moment to check us out. It means a lot that you're keen to find out more.

We're new kids on the block and have just moved in. Working from home was fun for a while but we like it here even better. You probably want to find out more about us though right?

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Who are we?

Graded Films are an arundel based video & creative content production company. The idea was first born in 2014 on a school bus. Years on, Graded incorporated in 2021 and have been busy ever since. Want to find out more about us?

Our Ethos

Every video we produce is thought about with care and attention. Taking ideas from page to screen and creatively reimagining the boring is what we're here to do. 

Along the way, we work with a talented pool of collaborators and professionals, whilst working with up and coming directors and makers to produce content to be desired.

Our Mission

The future is exciting at Graded Films. Our ambitious push for a global reach, servicing clients and brands across the UK and beyond, is always expanding. Feature films and narrative work are also on the cards too.

We also have plans for a production studio, with a flexible co-working space for other creatives, a kit room, an events space, and of course a coffee shop. 

Why not join us on this journey and let us tell your story?

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Welcome to the Graded Family!

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