Aerial Video

Video's aren't just pretty pictures, they're more than that. Music and sound are vital components in the construction of a great video. Take a look at this little sequence we put together to demonstrate this. 

An eye in the sky is a brilliant way to increase production value. Whether you want to show off an incredible location, or perhaps add some geographical context to your video, audiences always like the aerial view. 

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Depending on the scale of production and the project requirements, we tend to use two pieces of equipment. Each copter has it's own strengths, meaning whatever the brief, we have you covered.

4K UHD guaranteed.


Our Equipment


Ideal for smaller operation and quick setups. Because of it's size, it's access is almost limitless, meaning we can use it in so many different locations, from forests to cities, and even indoors.

Dji Mavic Pro 2


Dji Inspire 2

This is the perfect machine for higher end production, enabling isolated operation for dedicated copter and camera control for maximum flexibility. The video quality is also superb.