A Short Talking Heads Film

We were asked by the Petersfield Shakespeare Festival to produce two talking heads style short films as part of their 2020 summer season.

Due to national lockdowns, their usual open air festival was moved online and featured 10 new writings inspired by Romeo & Juliet.

Each piece sought to write the unwritten, and give some of Shakespeare's greatest characters more screen time. Romeo's greatest rival? Tybalt. And yet despite his importance to the play, we never get the backstory for one of Shakespeare's best villains. Charlie Girdlestone set's that right. 

Behind the Scenes

Tybalt's Truth was a really fun project to work on. With a micro crew and a day on location, we managed to create a great little sequence for the Petersfield Shakespeare Festival.


We filmed some behind the scenes action too, just to show you how simple production can be.

You don't always need a makeup trailer and a crew of 15 to make a great videos and have fun doing it. 










Charlie Girdlestone

Sam Gaffney

Clare Glancy, Lucy Hollis, Freddie Hill

Freddie Hill

Adam Young

Tom Carter

Ben Salisbury

Graded Films, Petersfield Shakespeare Company