The Fosse Forest Ballet

A brand new theatrical sitcom that follows the journey of the latest, most innovative show to appear in London's West End; The Fosse Forest Ballet. Starring comedic talent Philip Joel who embodies multiple title roles, alongside a star-studded West End cast including Kerry Ellis, Louise Dearman, Oliver Savile and Darren Day. Part mockumentary, part improvisational comedy, part story-driven narrative, this is a show about a show that doesn't exist. In this first pilot episode, we begin our journey in the audition room, as we follow a band of hopefuls, all desperate to make their London debut.

Behind the scenes

The Fosse Forest Ballet began during lockdown when it was first mentioned ‘off the cuff’ in some hilarious social media sketches by choreographer & actor, Philip Joel.
At a time where many of us were starved of theatrical content, Philip’s videos struck a chord with hundreds of thousands of viewers, one of which was David Muscat.


With a feeling that Philip’s genius creation could be expanded upon, David reached out and pitched the idea of developing the concept into a TV series. Over several Proseccos and cheese-boards, the two agreed to join forces and develop the project further, thus bringing us on board to produce the first of the episodes.

The Process

In mid September, we launched ourselves into a manic run of production. It was quite a feat to achieve 30 minutes of film in just two days, but we did it, and managed to take the project from page to screen with a budget of £5000. All of the profits raised as a result of it's pay per view setup will be donated to the charities UK Theatre Fund and Acting for Others.

As it was all for a good cause, we donated our editing time for free. It was a fantastic project to work on, and despite long days and not much sleep, we completed the project to rave reviews. 




David Muscat
Racky Plews

David Muscat & Freddie Hill








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Philip Joel

Kerry Ellis, Louise Dearman, Oliver Savile, Darren Day

Zoe Birkett, Nuwan Hugh-Perera, Amy Bailey, David Muscat, Tosh Wanogho-Maud

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Freddie Hill

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