About the project

Mirror Mirror is a 15-minute short film set in a dystopian world of technology confronting mankind. This is the future imaged by the 70s. The centre of our story is Eleanor Bryant, a middle-aged woman grieving her family that she lost in a house fire. To move on she has to let go, but her relationship with technology is holding her back.  

This is a really exciting project and we have a great team on board already. Director Katya Ganfeld has worked with the BBC, BFI, and esteemed Director of Photography Sir Franz Pagot has worked on a multitude of feature length and TV projects, including several with Kubrick.  

Get involved

We're currently looking for a young female and male to play the son and daughter of our central character for a session of audio recordings, photographs and video. The session will take place over a couple of hours in a recording location in either Arundel, Chichester or Horsham.


PAY: £50 Flat Fee for 3 Hours Recording In. Expenses
Copy of the Project + Credit

More information

The voices (and potentially visuals) will play and integral part in this film and will help to immerse our audience in this obscure world, and also to help us understand in more detail, the backstory of our central character, Eleanor Bryant.

This is a great opportunity for those hoping to gain more expeirence in the recorded media sector. This is a chance to work with a fantastic team of professionals, and earn a credit on a really exciting project.

Application instructions

Please email casting@gradedfilms.co.uk to express your/your child(s) interest along with a short video introducing themselves/yourself to camera. This can be under 30 seconds.


The video should be sent to the same email address via WeTransfer.

Think you might in interested in the project other than the roles listed above? Get in touch!