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Tear In Space x Glass Animals

Music Video / Elevated Social Reels

Commissioned by Polydor records and the team behind Glass Animals, Graded and the directing duo BABY (Henry Oliver & Justin Du Pre) took to the lands of CGI to create these other worldly renders from outer space.

The Process

Some may wonder where you begin when creating totally bespoke CGI concept videos. It always begins with a pitch, the slate of ideas and references to help sell the bigger vision. Glass Animals and Polydor loved the direction, so we jumped straight into pre-production, working towards a studio day where we would shoot the live action plates and 3D scans.

Green Screen Plates

To enable CGI integration, we captured a series of green screen plates, with the foreground lit to match with our plans for post-production, and a clean green background for easy replacement. 

After several weeks of wizardry, directors Henry & Justin had finished their master work, having created these space-age, retro inspired reels for socials. The results are awesome, and we couldn't feel prouder of these. 

Want to find out more about our process at Graded?


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