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Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes those burning questions need a straight forward answer. So we've put together a short and sharp listed of some of the most frequently asked questions. Some aren't quite so easy to answer and may take some more explaining, but hey, this is a start. 

What are project deliverables?

The deliverables are essentially all the items and files we’ll deliver to you at the end of the project. This might be variations on the main video we produce, or versions for social media. 

Let’s take a 2 minute promotional video for example. The deliverables here might be: 1x 2 Minute Hero Video, 1x 1 Minute Cutdown of the Hero and 3x 15 second Instagram Videos.

Deliverables will be confirmed at the start of the project and we may specify how many items there are, including lengths and also aspect ratios and versioning for social media.

Useful tip: When you see 15" or 30" this means 15 and 30 seconds. The " being short hand for seconds.

Do you also do photography?

We sure do. Photography is a great complement to our video production services and has an important role to play in content marketing. By producing photo and video as one combined service package, we can ensure that the creative vision is uniform across the board so that the video campaign aligns with the photography. 

How long do video's take to produce?

That's a tough one. It often depends on how complex the video is and how many components need to come together in the final stages. As a general rule, we have a 2 week lead time for the first edit version, but we understand that doesnt always work with client timelines, so we'll try and be as flexible as we can when it comes to getting you that video on time. 

Don't tell anyone else, but we have been known to run split shifts of day/night work so that your video arrives bang on time.

What equipment do you use?

Quality is a big factor for us. You'll often hear us talking about "production value" when you chat to us. And that's because we champion high quality production outcomes. 

It's not just about the camera. Lighting plays a really important part in producing high end video content. Depending on the budget and the scale of the job, we'll work with anything from Arri and Red camera systems to our own Blackmagic ecosystem. For content and corporate films, we tend to stick with our own equipment as this keeps costs lower whilst keeping video quality high. If your project is for the big screen or is going on TV we'll hire in monster kit for even more added "production value"

So what videos do you make?

Well, we made a services page just for you. As you'll see, our offering is broad. With a talented pool of nationwide filmmakers at our fingertips, no task is out of our reach. From B2B corporate content and video production, to full scale television commercial and music video production, we have you covered. 

And then of course, everything inbetween, from Drone Filming to Livestreaming, Documentary Making to Animation and plenty more. 

How much does a video cost?

That's a big question, and one that doesn't really have a concrete answer. Our videos are bespoke, and that means every single job is tailored towards the client's needs and objectives, so we tend to quote every job according to every single detail. It might also depend on the number of deliverables you require, and also how you plan to use the content. 

Sometimes it's best to advise us on your budget and we'll do what we can to give you the most we can within that buffer. We're all about value for money. 

Did we answer your question?

If you have more questions for the Graded team, why not get in touch and we'll answer as best as we can. If you think you might have a story to tell, then what are you waiting for.


Where can you find us?

Graded HQ sits in the picturesque town of Arundel, West Sussex. We share the town with a pretty awesome castle too. We produced a short documentary for Arundel Castle recently about their tulip festival. Check it out here.

If you're passing by, why not pop in for a coffee and check out our dazzling 70s carpet (we're not joking). 



The Victoria Institute
10 Tarrant Street
BN18 9DG

How to find Graded Films

Look, Waze made it easy, so now you have no excuse. 

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