It was a mammoth task. 186 slates in just two days, resulting in 2 hours of on screen drama. That's surely a record breaker?

Behind the scenes...

So how did we shoot a feature length in just two days?


A colossal amount of scheduling and planning is the answer. Juggling cast availability, we jumped from scene 5 to scene 1 and back again.  It was a couple of long days in production. But is was fantastic fun. We shot with 2 cameras at all times to maximise on capture, and filmed everything in the tight black-box space of Brighton's Rialto Theatre.




Line Producer

Director of Photography
Camera Operator


Costume & Props

Ross Dinwiddy

Rich Bright

Freddie Hill

Adam Fox

Cassius Kane

Kelsey Rushworth

R&R Costume


Dorian Gray

Harry Wotton

Sybil Vane

Basil Hallward

Mavis Ruxton

Alan Campbell

Maximus Polling

Kace Monney
Tara Clark

Christopher Sherwood

Heather Alexander

Tom Taplin