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Data Storage Information & FAQs

As you can imagine, from project to project we collect hundreds of gigabytes of camera data. So as part of our new data policy we'll store original camera files for up to 3 months following the date of delivery. This enables us to store and work on content at a more affordable rate for our clients. 

What this means?

After each project, all the clips we record get edited and delivered as per your specification. Once we've produced the 'final draft' and delivered your project we still hold onto all those original clips just in case you decide you need to re edit something or want changes made later down the line. Most projects may outdate themselves but sometimes old clips are useful to pull forward and create content with at a later date. 

Included in every video package we'll store all those original clips for 3 months following the date of delivery. 

Long term file storage...

Very often the files captured from our shoot days are pretty bulky and are sometimes in formats or codecs that most computers can't open. If you would like the security of knowing that the content you got 6 months ago is still available to re-use at any time without the worry of storing it yourself, we can offer long term file storage.

6 Months:   £0.12 per GB of data

12 Months: £0.22 per GB of data

Can I store the footage myself?

Yes. If you would like to keep the footage yourself then we can put it onto a hard drive and send it your way. Please bare in mind that projects can range in size from 300GB to 2TB. If you have your own hard drive we can copy it over and send it back to you or alternatively we can send you one of our hard drives to keep. Hard drives are charged at £95 + postage for a 2tb storage solution.

Lacie Rugged 2TB Hard Drive: £95 + postage

If you have more questions about data storage please speak to us directly.

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