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Set in the Welsh valleys and mountains of Rhayader, we shot this 5 minute music video with director Tom Cullen and artist Alison Sodul. 

It was a challenging shoot with remote locations and a small crew, but the result was entirely worth it. 

Come on Baby

Find out more about the process below...

The Breif

We were asked by Alison Sodul and her management to produce a music video for her latest track. The story spotlights a couple greiving the loss of a child.


 It was a personal story for Tom and Alison so we knew this one was going to be important. Filming this in the mountains and valleys of mid Wales felt like the way to go, exaggerating that empowering feeling that standing against the wind and rain has. A "narrative video" were the key words for this one, giving it that storylike throughline of a couple greiving. 

Production Challenges

Filming in the mountains and valleys is always a winner visually, but it comes with it's challenges. We shot across 2 days in Elan Valley in mid Wales. Usually having a big crew means you work faster, but when in the middle of nowhere a smaller unit is a blessing in disguise. This meant we could jump between locations with a minimal equipment package.

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