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Classic x Keaton Rich

Music Video


As we closed up the doors and turned down the lights in a dark and moody void of a bank holiday car garage, we started making something fun. This is Keaton Rich's latest music video Classic, featuring JYellowL and of course the producers Evil Genius.

The Process

Keaton is a big ideas man, and after a really exciting meeting discussing 5 different tracks and some wild concepts, we settled on classic that would take place in a typical mechanics car garage as the boys work on a real classic, dreaming of fame and fortune, they land in performance world with blinders and the band to accompany them. 

We actually made a detailed article about how we made this music video which you can check out here:

We knew we'd enjoy this project. Working with Keaton and bouncing ideas back and forth feels like the dream job. And getting to put those ideas into practice is even better. 

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